Latest News and Tips for the 2015 CAASPP Administration

  1. The Test Operations Management System (TOMS) will be undergoing planned downtime for system maintenance from 6 p.m. Pacific time (PT) on Friday, April 3, through 8 a.m. PT on Saturday, April 4. All other CAASPP systems will be available during this downtime.
  2. California educators are invited to apply to hand score the CAASPP Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments:
    • ELA short text and essay responses for grades six to eight or mathematics short text responses for grades three to five—Apply now!
    • ELA short text and essay responses for grades three to five and grade eleven or mathematics short text responses for grades six to eight and grade eleven—Apply now!
  3. While the secure browser is now officially supported on Google Chrome v41, please do not update devices past this version until your testing is complete. (Previous iterations of Chrome are still compatible with the secure browser; updating to Google Chrome v41 is optional.)
  4. iPads with iOS 8 or higher: Using the [Tab] key to navigate or format text in an online summative assessment logs the student off his or her testing session. Please advise your students to use a touch gesture instead of the [Tab] key in the secure browser to move between test elements and to press the [Spacebar] to indent paragraphs in written responses. They must not press the [Tab] key at all.
  5. The Smarter Balanced Online Summative Assessments, Online Interim Assessments, and the Test Administration (TA) Interface, as well as all other CAASPP services, are now available.
  6. Version 2 of the Individual Student Assessment Accessibility Profile (ISAAP) Tool is now available.
  7. Information regarding the CAA Field Test is available on the CAASPP California Alternate Assessments (CAA) Web page.
  8. Classroom Activity assignments and Classroom Activities were posted on 3/02/15. Please note the following about Classroom Activities:
    • The interim Classroom Activity entitled “Marine Animals” has been updated by Smarter Balanced. (Updated 3/25/15.)
    • The Classroom Activity entitled “School Fair” has been updated by Smarter Balanced. (Updated 3/19/15.)
    • The Classroom Activities entitled “Aztec Empire” and “Zip Line” were updated by Smarter Balanced. (Updated 3/06/15.)
    • The Classroom Activity entitled “How the Brain Works” was reposted to correct a minor typo in the title on the first page. (Updated 3/05/15.)
    • If the Classroom Activity in your Assignment PDF is “Power of Water,” then the assigned Classroom Activity is “Power of Water (Effects of Water).” (Updated 3/02/15.)
  9. Apple recently released iOS 8.2 and will be releasing iOS 8.3 soon. While the secure browser will be compatible with both of these new operating systems, we recommend that you maintain your current operating system (as long as it is iOS or higher).

California Testing in 2015

California local educational agency (LEA) testing coordinators can use this Web site to find helpful information, instructions, training, forms, and external links for the 2015 test administration.

LEAs are administering three types of tests in 2015:

Smarter Balanced Tests:
  • English language arts/literacy and mathematics in grades 3–8 and 11
Paper-pencil tests:
  • California Standards Tests (CSTs) for Science—grades 5, 8, and 10
  • California Modified Assessment (CMA) for Science–grades 5, 8, and 10 who meet the eligibility requirements to take this instead of a CST for Science
  • California Alternate Performance Assessment (CAPA) for Science–grades 5, 8, and 10 who meet the CAPA requirements
  • Standards-based Tests in Spanish (STS) for Reading/Language Arts–grades 2–11 (optional)
California Alternate Assessments
  • Field Tests in English–language arts and mathematics in grades 3–8 and 11